Barilla Gets Its Turn in the Barrel

Barilla doesn’t want to put gay couples in its ads.


Ads have a very specific purpose.  They are there to sell product.  You sell product by portraying it being used by people who are either like you, or by people you would like to be like.

This is dry pasta.  Gay couples are not a significant portion of their business.  Families are.  Families with wives or single mothers who cook and lots of kids.  There are lots of those.  There aren’t so many gay couples who cook dry pasta.  There are even fewer gay couples with kids.  Dry pasta is sort of a “shove starch into the crumbsnatchers” niche.

When a wife or a single mom is deciding what starch to pour down her spawn’s neck holes, she’s not going to ask herself, “which one was that neat and attractive homosexual couple eating again?”

Give it up.  No matter how much they love or hate teh gheys, Barilla is going to make all of its choices based on what makes it money.

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