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Government Healthcare in a Nutshell cost $292 million to make.  And it’s still not finished.  It’s not even beta.

Grand Theft Auto 5 took $265 million to make.  Not only is it finished, it made $800 million on opening day and it fucking works.

GTA5 is an entire city and surrounding county, pushing the boundaries of videogame technology. is a fucking website that is supposed to sell health insurance, which is by no means pushing any e-commerce boundries.

Rockstar and GTA5 are what you would get with free market healthcare. is what we are going to end up with once the government is done destroying the healthcare industry.

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Is there anyone less relevant in politics? Maybe Barbara Bush?  Maybe? I mean, Babs hasn’t lost a primary as an incumbent.

I mean, when it’s only your party voting and you still can’t win, it’s time to shut up and go away.

Smoking Bans are Not About Health

Why are cities and businesses banning e-cig?  Simple.  Because you can’t ban smokers themselves.

Smoking bans aren’t about health.  The studies claiming a link between second hand smoke and cancer are bullshit.  This is not about health.  This is about signaling to “those people’ that they are not wanted.  Mansfield isn’t saying that there is a problem with e-cigs.  They are saying, “we don’t want the kind of person who uses an e-cig around.”

Smoking bans are about banning smokers, not smoke.

It’s class warfare, and it’s ugly.  E-cig opponents are bigots.

(Once you’ve internalized that one, it’s time to realize that gun bans are about outlawing gun owners, not guns.)

tl;dr Version of Obama’s Debt Ceiling Address

“Raising the debt ceiling doesn’t raise the debt, the same way that guns don’t kill people, bullets do and it’s not the 50 story fall that kills you, it’s the stop at the end.

“Also, no one has ever credibly threatened to not raise the debt ceiling before now, which means that when I did so for my entire Senate career, I was just being a partisan buffoon.”


As terribly as was set up, you know it is full of security holes. Chances are, it has already been hacked.

The only reason we haven’t heard about it is that the government hasn’t managed to sign anyone up, so there is nothing for the hackers to steal.


“These Americans are our my neighbors — their kids go to our my kids’ schools, they worship where we the Washington insiders do, they serve their country my partisan aims with pride, they are the customers of every business in this country inside the Beltway — and they the rent-seekers would be hurt greatly and as a consequence all of us the lobbyists and others grafters would be hurt greatly should Congress choose to shut the people’s government gravy train down,” Obama added. “So a shutdown will have a very real economic impact on real people the Political Class right away.”

(via PJ Media » Anatomy of a Shutdown with No End in Sight.)