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No Data on Number of Enrollees

This thing has been “live” for over a month, and they claim they don’t know how many policies they have sold.

Either way, this is damning.  Either they do know and won’t tell us (the most likely) or they are completely and totally incompetent.  Any competent website of this size would have a NOC, and in that NOC would be big screens with current, real-time metrics, and the entire center screen would center on one number — the number of enrollees.



You remember how foolish everyone said Rick Perry was for not setting up an exchange for Texas?

How do you like him now?

For Anyone Paying Attention:

It was no surprise that Gore Vidal was a mean, petty shithead to the end.  It’s also no surprise that he really didn’t give a shit about ‘the workers’:

The most hurtful omission in Mr. Vidal’s will, his family and friends agreed, regards Norberto Nierras, his housekeeper and chef.

“Norberto is not getting anything, and he was devoted to Gore,” Mr. Steers said.

Leftists are the ultimate hypocrites.  They want to tell you how you should live, but will never even attempt to live up to that lifestyle themselves.

Racists Fooled Into Voting Against Own Race