The True Face Of Police

The Federalist has a piece on Survivor.  Read the whole thing — it’s a much different direction than this piece.  I had to pull this out, to make a different point:

This might have been the best season so far.  It featured one of the most gifted Survivor contestants I’ve ever seen play; New Jersey cop Tony Vlachos.  Tony was a virtuoso of treachery. He expertly read people’s weaknesses, (unconsciously) deployed game theory and was unafraid to dive into the dirt, both literally and morally.  He snooped, threatened, cajoled, browbeat, backstabbed, but his real gift was an ability to convincingly and shamelessly lie.

A few examples:

  • Tony swore on his badge, and lied.
  • Tony swore on his wife and newborn baby, and lied.
  • Tony swore on his dad’s grave, and lied.

This is 100% expected.  Police lie.  That is what they do.  It is their nature.  Maybe it wasn’t that way once, but it sure as hell is now.   To be trained as a cop now is to be trained as an effortless and easy liar.  They lie when the truth would suit them better, because they also think that they are smarter than you.

The next time you are listening to a cop, remember: He is probably lying.  It is more likely than not.  The courts have even explicitly told them they can lie.  It is any surprise that the courts turn a blind eye when they lie to juries as well as suspects?

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