Premeditated Murder

The video is conclusive.  This is premeditated murder.

The cop shot him as he was fleeing, and then lied about the reason, which is evidence of premeditation.  Give him the death penalty.

While you are at it, charge all the officers who reported false statements in their reports with accomplice to murder after the fact.  Get them off the force and into prison.

This is the sort of shit that the left made Ferguson out to be.  End it now.  Jail and the needle, all around.


  1. […] cop is facing murder charges for shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. And he may have doctored the scene. It’s not enough to prosecute this guy but also anyone […]

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Regarding this and other police shootings of unarmed black men they’ve been showing on the news lately, a friend of mine commented on how much this seems to be happening nowadays. I said “It’s always been like this in my lifetime. There are just more cameras out there now.”

    Old school policing meets the digital age.