Killing the Golden Goose

California has decided to finally kill off it’s legal porn industry by requiring goggles on porn stars. Not kidding.

I stressed legal, because when you cannot viably produce legal porn, porn will still be produced illegally.  We have over a century of alcohol, drug and prostitution prohibition to tell us how that works out.

If the law abiding can’t make porn, the criminals will.  When you get the criminals involved, the current protections for sex workers will disappear.  Set aside wage and contractual protection.  The same things we see in illegal prostitution will happen again.  Women will be forced into porn with violence.  They will be forced onto drugs, raped, beaten, under or unpaid, and abused in any other ways the criminals who will take over the industry can think of.

This is the end of legal porn.  If you support it, then you essentially support human trafficking and abuse of women.  This is why liberals disgust me.


  1. […] California has decided to finally kill off its legal porn industry by requiring goggles on porn star… […]

  2. Kevin Baker says:

    Nevada is right next door. It’s not tough to throw a camcorder in the car and take a drive.

    They’re just pushing LEGAL porn out of state.