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Trump’s List of Potential United States Supreme Court Justices

You know what I like about this?  Only one Ivy Leaguer in the the whole list.

Establishment Excuses

Bookworm is musing about the Rise of Trump, and as is easy to do, blames the dumbing down of America for it.

I disagree, and think it is dangerous to fall into this way of thinking. I think that this is a soothing myth that the GOPe types like Prager can look at for a sort of group therapy purpose, but the real answer is simpler.

They failed.

They were sent to DC, over and over again of the last 30 years by various waves (1994, 2002, 2010, etc) to reform DC. They failed. In the last wave, they didn’t even put up the appearance of trying to reform. They just went along to get along. Every time they were handed a win, they insisted that they couldn’t do anything with that win, and demanded an even further level of control before they would start doing their jobs.

Our last hopes were state level reforms (where things like RKBA reforms are happening) and a court that, since we have managed to hold onto Congress long enough to get a majority of Republican appointed justices, should be keeping the executive within those bounds. Instead, what do we have? We have Kennedy who can’t wait to defect to the left, and Roberts, who, when he was given the golden opportunity to uphold the Constitution over Obamacare, said, “meh, talk to Congress, the President can do what he wants.”

Well, if the President can do what he wants, then the only choice we have is to put a president in who will do what wants, specifically what we want. Someone who is going to go in and play by the rules for 4 or 8 years only to have another communist sneak into the White House and destroy 50 more years of progress is no longer acceptable.

The referees aren’t calling fouls. You don’t win in that game by following the rules — you win by sharpening your elbows and throwing a few fouls of your own until the other team agrees that it is in everyone’s interest to get a new referee who will do his job.

We aren’t going to get back to the constitution until both sides realize that they need it to protect them from the other.

(This post was picked up from my comments at Bookworm’s post, and she has replied there.)

Trump’s Party Affiliation

Do you know how you can tell that Trump is a Republican and not a Democrat?

Because the GOPe hasn’t surrendered to him and given him everything he asks for.

The Hillary Plan

So Hillary’s plan for Trump is to insult him, insult his supporters, and hope against hope that some unknown gaffe turns off a bunch of voters.

Yeah.  That worked great for the GOPe in the primary.  Keep up the good work!

Three Way Dance

The Establishment thinks Trump is a disaster because he doesn’t listen to them.

The base loves Trump because he listens to them when they say that the Establishment is a disaster.