Hillary “Cares”

Hillary only cares about dead American soldiers when they are Muslim.  She doesn’t care when white Americans die in Benghazi, or even when they died in the same war she voted for as Khan.

Hillary only cares about dead black men when a cop kills them.  She doesn’t care about the white people killed by cops, and she doesn’t care about the black people killed by other black people.

Hillary only cares about gay people when they are bashed by Christians.  When they are murdered by Muslims, both here by terrorists and overseas by governments that she supports and governments that fund her charity, she doesn’t care.  When gays are beaten up and robbed by black street gangs, she doesn’t care.

Hillary only “cares” when she thinks it can get her elected.



  1. Kristin says:

    I love how other white people “care”about blacks killing other blacks when it helps their narrative as well. I mean seriously who doesn’t “care” about excessive police force. I mean really really all these good white people on both sides caring about blacks, otay.

  2. Phelps says:

    Excessive force only seems to happen in majority black cities where Democrats run the entire show.

    Seems like the last person you should be looking to to solve that problem would be the Head Democrat.