The “Russian Connection” is Fake News

So now, there is this huge push to “review thousands of intercepted communications” to “investigate” whether there was coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

This is fake news.

How do we know?  Because if there was any there there, we would have already heard.

Think about how these intercepts work.  They don’t just get recorded and go onto a server someplace “in case.”  They are reviewed, either soon after the call or (more likely) as the call itself is happening.  If there was coordination, that would have been reported before the election, when it could have prevented Trump from winning.

That means that all of this “review” is simply play-acting and hope-wishing that there’s something in it that can be twisted into sounding like coordination out of context.  If that evidence does magically appear, you need to ask yourself:

  • Why didn’t the people who were tasked with the vital national security job of counter-espionage catch it the first time?
  • How do they account for their failure and dereliction of duty?
  • How does this accounting in any way make them more fit to run the government?

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