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The “Russian Connection” is Fake News

So now, there is this huge push to “review thousands of intercepted communications” to “investigate” whether there was coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

This is fake news.

How do we know?  Because if there was any there there, we would have already heard.

Think about how these intercepts work.  They don’t just get recorded and go onto a server someplace “in case.”  They are reviewed, either soon after the call or (more likely) as the call itself is happening.  If there was coordination, that would have been reported before the election, when it could have prevented Trump from winning.

That means that all of this “review” is simply play-acting and hope-wishing that there’s something in it that can be twisted into sounding like coordination out of context.  If that evidence does magically appear, you need to ask yourself:

  • Why didn’t the people who were tasked with the vital national security job of counter-espionage catch it the first time?
  • How do they account for their failure and dereliction of duty?
  • How does this accounting in any way make them more fit to run the government?

Making America Great Again

I think that the greatest impediment to Making America Great Again is the civil service system.  One of the key features of the greatness of Trump Industries has always been firing people who don’t do their job.  Unfortunately, not doing your job apparently isn’t a basis for being fired from the civil service.

So, Trump will have to take a different approach.  I recommend directing every single agency in the country to start a Department of American Improvement (DAI).  The mission of the DAI in each agency is simply “To improve America by our diligent attendance.”

Each DIA should be located within a SCIF to accommodate tasks requiring classified information.  The guards outside the SCIF will be responsible for making sure that no one brings in any prohibited items — notably electronics (tablets, laptops, cell phones, cameras) and writing materials (books, pads, pens, etc.)  Everyone will pass through security before they are allowed to clock in on the biometric time clock.  Because this is a SCIF, there will be no outside visitors, no phones, no televisions, no internet connection of any kind.

They will then go to their cube in the bullpen, where they will find a single pencil, a task lamp and a chair.  They will wait for the Director of American Improvement to issue them a task.  There will be no independent work.  All DIA employees work independently, and are not to communicate with any other DIA employees.

The schedule is 8:30-12, 12:30-5, every day.  The dress code is business professional (suit and tie.)  For maximum efficiency, there will be no air conditioning and lots of heat in the winter.  To keep up morale, the Director will be responsible to picking 2-5 patriotic marches to be played a moderately high volume at all times.

When you have a civil servant who isn’t working out in his position, but you don’t have grounds to fire him, transfer him to the DIA.  I’m sure the Director will eventually find a way to use his talents.

Update: Congress reads my mind.

The Persecuted Church

I don’t agree with Jeffress on theology.  I don’t go to his church and wouldn’t if it was my only option.  However, I believe in a catholic (small c) Christianity, and attacks on any Christian church are an attack on my church.

The mask is off.  The left persecution of Christianity is in the open now.

Laugh It Up, Assholes

It makes your lamentations so much more delicious now.


Remember, Trump was the candidate that the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) wanted because they thought he would be the one that was easy to beat.

The left chose the form of its destructor.

Pepe Grins


Hillary “Cares”

Hillary only cares about dead American soldiers when they are Muslim.  She doesn’t care when white Americans die in Benghazi, or even when they died in the same war she voted for as Khan.

Hillary only cares about dead black men when a cop kills them.  She doesn’t care about the white people killed by cops, and she doesn’t care about the black people killed by other black people.

Hillary only cares about gay people when they are bashed by Christians.  When they are murdered by Muslims, both here by terrorists and overseas by governments that she supports and governments that fund her charity, she doesn’t care.  When gays are beaten up and robbed by black street gangs, she doesn’t care.

Hillary only “cares” when she thinks it can get her elected.