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One Week, Chummer

Shadowrun Returns in Seven Days.  I was one of the original kickstarters, and I can’t wait.

Mother of God


SayUncle » Knife Meme

Take knife from pocket, post pic on internet.

I’m old school, MacGuyver, baby.

Sign of our Times

I just realized that between all the things in my life, the thing that is most under attack, and at the same time, the most secure, is my World of Warcraft account.

My email account?  Meh.  Bank account?  Too much heat.  My WoW account?  Probably 100 injection attacks a day trying to get that password.  (Which is why I have an authenticator.)


Steve Jobs is going to take some scalps over this leak:  Tablets to be announced later this month:

Looking to build on the momentum of its iPhone and iPod, Apple Inc. will unveil a new multimedia tablet device later this month, but isn’t planning to ship the product until March, say people briefed by the company.

This is the part that got my attention:

With the new device, Apple wants to change the way consumers interact with a variety of content, these people said. Textbooks and newspapers, for example, could be presented differently through color screens, a touch interface, and the integration of live up-to-the-minute information from multiple sources.

Could it mean… dare I say?  The return of Hypercard?

Warcraft Geeking: Priest Tips

I’ve actually been surprised to find out how few warcraft players read WoW blogs.  It’s strange to me.  I’m also finding out that maybe I really am better informed than most priests.  So I decided to test that with a list of a Few Things That You Might Not Know About Priests.  I’m finding out that these things aren’t as common as I thought, and that there are a lot more priests healing than before now that the new Looking for Dungeon tool has shown them clearly that a 20 minute wait for a group turns to two minutes when you check that “healer” box.  (If you don’t play, then this is going to all be gibberish.) Continue reading ‘Warcraft Geeking: Priest Tips’ »