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First 100 Days

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The Past

Those who fail to learn from it are doomed to repeat it.

That’s exactly right. I think seriously there’s going to be a lot of thinking going on. I mean, I’ve been on the phone all day, commiserating, really, with my colleagues, and we’re all scratching our heads and saying, uh, we better do some thinking here, because we really thought we would win this election and the amazing thing is when people say the country is moving in the wrong direction, they think the Iraq war is a mess, the economy isn’t good, and we still lose?

Stay Classy, Obama Supporters!

So it turns out that the Brownshirts are back. I’m not pointing this out to smear the Obama campaign. I’m 90% certain that they had nothing to do with this. This was some jackasses who thought that this idea of “dialog” needed to Change. The only reason that I am bothering to point it out is to remind people who jump on any malfeasance against their group as evidence of some widespread inclination to dirty dealing that what goes around comes around.

Update: To clarify, I do not in any way consider UBM to be acting like a Brownshirt.  The goons getting blogspot blogs taken down are the ones I refer to, and they are much further into the extreme than anything going on at UBM’s site.

Firing up the Memory Hole

Dallas Progress is up in the air about Imus again. He decided not to go with his original plan — try to raise another manufactured distraction in an attempt to ruin Imus’ career and silence him permanently.

I am calling on my political blogger nation (and we are deep, believe me) to put an end to Don Imus’ career, once and for all. The nationwide political blogger groups should be called into action.

Thankfully for, you know, peaceful political discourse between peers, he was persuaded to back down a bit.

It seems that the prevailing attitude is to ignore Imus and render him irrelevant.

This is exactly why I wanted to bounce this off of my nationwide people. To get a perspective.

Note that the response wasn’t, “let’s refute his ideas with logic and reason.” The plan is to still keep the ideas from being disseminated — just by whistling past the graveyard instead of, you know, destructive and foul politics of economic assassination.

But he wanted perspective, so I left him a comment that generally said, “if you want perspective, my first thought was, ‘you see someone make a comment that you don’t like, and your first instinct was to try to ruin his career to silence him? That tells me tons about you.'” I say “generally” rather than quoting my comment because it never made it out of moderation.

So, that’s the reasoned discourse that happens over there. Perhaps I should refrain from posting this lest Michael Davis decide to try to destroy my career to shut me up permanently. That seems to be his preferred method of personal interaction.

Comment of the Day

Over at the Moronblog:

How can you go wrong with an Asian gay singing space cowboy?

Moving Servers

I’m switching hosting services, so there may be a hickup.

Update: Finally.

I’m So Damn Prescient

The Fat Guy got him one of these.

I warned him not to come bitching to me when they are out of business in 10 months.

It’s been eight.

(Ok, he was right about the iPhone being a smash hit.)