Remember, Trump was the candidate that the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) wanted because they thought he would be the one that was easy to beat.

The left chose the form of its destructor.

Pepe Grins


At the Final Debate

Not many people know that when Bill went to use the bathroom after the final debate, he ended up at a urinal next to Trump.  He took a look over, and said, “ho-lee, you’ve got a giant hog there, Donald!  How did you grow that?”

Trump said, “Let me tell you, Bill, it’s the most amazing thing.  I met this old gypsy once, beautiful woman, and she told me the secret.  She told me that if I wanted a yuge, yuge knob, I needed to slap it against the bedpost three times before I go to sleep every night.  Three times.  And let me tell you, it’s the best thing I ever did, and I still do it every night.”

Bill figured that Donald was full of shit, but it wore on him all night.  He stayed up late, thinking about it.  He finally decided to go to bed, and when he did, impulse got the best of him.  He pulled it out, walked over to the bedpost, and whack whack whack.

Hillary groaned in the dark and said, “no more schlonging, Donald, I’m too tired.”

Hillary “Cares”

Hillary only cares about dead American soldiers when they are Muslim.  She doesn’t care when white Americans die in Benghazi, or even when they died in the same war she voted for as Khan.

Hillary only cares about dead black men when a cop kills them.  She doesn’t care about the white people killed by cops, and she doesn’t care about the black people killed by other black people.

Hillary only cares about gay people when they are bashed by Christians.  When they are murdered by Muslims, both here by terrorists and overseas by governments that she supports and governments that fund her charity, she doesn’t care.  When gays are beaten up and robbed by black street gangs, she doesn’t care.

Hillary only “cares” when she thinks it can get her elected.


Day 1, Compare and Contrast.

So the Democrats have started their convention, and so far, it is all bread and circuses.  In addition to the usual politicians, they brought in a union boss, another union boss, another union boss, still another union boss, a fifth union boss, a SIXTH union boss, an illegal alien, a soap opera actress, a washed up shock comedienne, and an elderly guitar player who sings like a kindergartener.

The GOP, on day one, brought a retired General, two Navy SEALs, the mother of a killed cop, the mother and brother of a border patrol agent murdered by illegals, a special forces soldier who was left to die by Hillary in Benghazi, and the mother of a SEAL killed in Afghanistan in Obama’s war.  (And Scott Baio.  I’ll give them that one.)

Which party is the serious party that is actually concerned with America?

The Real Headline

Former NASA Bureaucrat with a vagina is butthurt that being an Astronaut is way cooler than being a lifelong pencil pushing man-hater.

On one hand, you have the first woman to pilot, and then command a space shuttle mission.  On the other hand, you have a mousey haired nobody who hasn’t even worked as a flight attendent, much less pilot.  I know which one I’ll listen to.

(For the record, flight attendants have a more important job than you think.  They spend four or more weeks in their initial training, and about two days of that is how to bring you drinks and blankets.  The rest of it is how to get your soft marshmallow ass off of the burning wreckage that used to be your flight in one piece, along with the other 120+ people on your flight.)


Cleveland Police Association President Steve Loomis:

How the hell did we ever become the bad guys in this country? I can not imagine how we got here.

Oh, keep thinking about it.  You’ll figure it out, I bet.