What’s on the Wheel of Punishment?

If you don’t listen to the Russ Martin Show, you might be asking yourself, “What is a Wheel of Punishment and why does Phelps have one?” Well, the Wheel of Punishment is what people have to spin on the Russ Martin Show when they screw up, usually by not being funny. I decided that it was such a good idea and because I suck Russ’ balls so much, I need my own.

The fun thing about the Wheel is that it is made from dry-erase board, so punishments can be added and changed at whim. Which is what any good leader needs. So here is my current Wheel of Punishment.

  • Eating on the Riverwalk at 10:05PM
  • Let Mexi Sniff It
  • Philosophy 101 with HMT. 3 Credit Hours.
  • Ride in a Car with UNLV
  • Give Chester CPR
  • All you can eat at IHOP
  • Week in Cleveland
  • Scissors With Phelps
  • Get fucked by a Garden Weasel
  • Testicular Torsion Syndrome
  • Conversation with Female Boss
  • Vivitrol Shot
  • Jawed Balls
  • Sniff Lil’ Jon’s Mattress

Entries will be added, replaced or removed at my whim.

One Comment

  1. Mexigogue says:

    Oh damn, I’m just now seeing this. Ride in a car with UNLV HAHAHHA!